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T H E   A R T   O F   L E S L E Y   A N N E   S P O W A R T

An artist tends to wear his or her heart on their sleeve, and Lesley Anne is no exception. Her paintings—which have been described as “transformational”—are introspective, vibrant and highly evocative of the events of her life. While mostly abstract, they convey complex layers of emotion and depths of meaning that unfold with repeated viewings.

Lesley Anne is a native of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and has lived in California since the late 1970s. Relocating to Monterey County with her husband and three children in 1989, she immersed herself in the local art scene, studying with some of the area’s most prominent artists. These days, she paints mainly in oils, but has been known to employ bees-wax, tar, and photographic Xerography in her work.

The walls of her home in the hills near Laguna Seca are filled with her paintings and those of others she admires. Curiously, some of these pieces are unsigned. “I hang my paintings in the house for a while to see if they’re finished,” she confides. She likes to live with each piece for a while, to see if it tells her it needs more attention or is complete. Only then does she affix her flowing signature to the work and release it to an appreciative world.

(Excerpt written by Michael Chatfield from Homestyle Magazine)